I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like “Second-hand Rose,” a hand-me-down, something not quite new, but not worn out enough to toss  yet.  It doesn’t feel like anything fits just right.  My old life is behind me, the new life is not certain but the present is just me rummaging through what’s left and hoping to discover what’s next.   In that mode, I can imagine putting a want ad out on Craig’s list, trying to describe what it is that might still make me valuable.   Then it hits me, there is something.  There’s the One who sees me and loves me at this minute just like I am.  There’s the God of second chances!

The God of Second Chances and “seventy times seven” chances is always there with a new light to shine on my day.  He’s there to heal the scrapes and scratches and bind the wounds of yesterday.  He’s there to lift me up and brush me off and tell me He’s still proud of me.  In fact, the truth is, I’m not sure He even knows I’m “used up.”  I suspect He only sees me the same way I see my kids or the people I love.  He sees what I can be and what I am. He doesn’t even care if I’m wearing hand-me-down clothes from my sister’s closet, because I’m dressed just right for Him.

I recently read the little book by Ken Blanchard and Wally Armstrong called The Mulligan.  I don’t play golf, but I could really identify with the character in the parable.  He was feeling like he had to achieve everything on his own.  He felt like he let his family down, abandoned his children, and mostly like he’d failed at life.  God met him on the first tee and changed his life by giving him a mulligan, a second chance.  He basically reminded the guy he wasn’t used up at all.  In fact, he was just finally in the right place to take on his journey in a new way, on the course that God had intended and designed for him before he was born.

As redeemed children, we always have a second, third, or any number of chances that we need because we get the privilege of seeing the errors of our ways, taking a new direction to heart and going forward.  We get a chance every morning to be refreshed in his love, and whatever we wear doesn’t matter because we’re brand new in Him.  We’re always shining examples of his love and grace and mercy.

So if you’re feeling a little used up, remind yourself that every morning you’re refreshed.  You’re brand new all over again.  All you have to do is line up with the One who loves you so, grab your hat and head out to the course He designed.  You’ll be amazed to see the new you, ready to advance, given a new chance…perfectly blessed and loved.  With His love, even hand-me-downs can make a “second-hand Rose” bloom.

Go on out there…It’s an awesome new day!