It’s one thing to feel really grounded, rooted in a foundation of trust, ready to move forward fully believing your steps are sure.  In fact, those moments when you have that feeling are worthy of celebration because the truth is, they aren’t that typical of any given day.  More often than not, you find yourself sitting out on the skinny branches (as a friend of mine likes to say) hoping that you won’t bend and weave in the breeze so much that you fall out.  In fact, you may not be certain the skinny branches will even hold the weight of all you’re putting out there.  So what do you do then?

You probably got there by taking a leap of faith, by allowing yourself to take a step that could provide a major win, could actually give you wings to fly.  But, there you are swaying in the breeze, looking up at the blue skies, seeing the pending clouds and wondering how fast you can reach the ground before the rains come.  Suddenly you have a new perspective on what it means to be a mover and a shaker.

Branching out, taking a new stand, trying something you’ve never tried before can feel pretty scary.  The trick is to know where you’re rooted, how firmly you really grasp the situation.  Take a look first at what motivated you to step out in faith.  What caused you to take the stand?   A new adventure in your life is just that, new, somewhat unknown, but if it’s rooted in years of searching, years of experience at knowing yourself and what you have to offer, knowing the goals you want to achieve, then chances are good, that a little swaying in the early morning breezes will only offer further refreshment to your efforts.

If, on the other hand, you’re poised along a path that doesn’t bring refreshing opportunity, doesn’t seek the best of your efforts and attitudes, then you may be negotiating a branch that is not fit for you, not able to hold you up and lift you toward your dreams.  Take a look at the place where you stand.  If it’s rock solid, totally supporting your weight, that may be all good or it may mean you haven’t been willing to take enough of a risk to get out of your comfort zone.  If you’re slipping out a bit further on the branches that sway in the midst of  change and cause you a degree of uncertainty, then get used to the feeling, because you’ve just activated your faith as well.  Now you’re in a place that requires you and God to walk together, knowing that the real power, the real achievement only happens when you join forces with the One who made you and the skinny branches as well.

If you’re swaying in the breezes a bit today, take comfort in the fact that you’re now in the best position to hear the One who holds you in His hand, who knows the best way to help you find your wings.  Getting just past your comfort zone allows the whole power of God to come to work with you, to help shape your greater good.  See you out on the skinny branches!

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