Heroes are not the ones who never fail, but the ones who never give up.

                                                            Author unknown

We’ve all been there.  You’re having one of those days when it feels like you’re in an enclosed space playing bumper cars, because everywhere you turn there’s another obstacle. By the time you get out of the car, you don’t even know who won because no one actually seemed to get anywhere.

When the chaos stops, you could walk away.  You could throw up your hands and declare that it just isn’t worth it.  The best take away from a trying experience though is to simply keep trying.  Walking away turns out to not really be a helpful choice, it just means you accepted defeat even when victory was meant to be yours.

Today, be a hero in your own eyes.  See the obstacles and temporary bumps on your road as ones that will most likely get smoother if you just keep going.  So today, just bump and pray and go on your way!  God knows exactly where you’re meant to go.

Roads with turns should be made straight, and rough roads should be made smooth.

                                                            Luke 3:5 NCV