As I settled myself down this morning for some prayer time, I had a sense of sitting in a waiting room, hoping my number would be called soon so I could go in and share my concerns with the doctor.  As I sat quietly reflecting on things, I realized that I wasn’t alone and a lot of people were patiently looking for the chance to discuss the current situations they found themselves in.  I noticed people  seemed hopeful and confident that they would come away from this particular consultation satisfied and better informed.

Waiting on the Lord is a biblical concept, one that I take in, but may not totally understand.  In Lamentations 3, we read, “The Lord is wonderfully good to those who wait for him and seek him.”  As I sat there, reflecting on all the things I wanted to discuss with Him, all the things I carried around in my heart that I wanted to lay at His feet, it occurred to me that even the waiting was an amazing gift.  Here I was just sitting in the wings, waiting to discuss my little life with the King of the Universe.  Here I was actually invited to come closer, invited to speak my heart and surrender my concerns.

As I contemplated that idea, I realized that my number had been called and it was time for me to go in and meet with Him.  The welcome smile on His face let me know that it was a delight to Him to have me there, perhaps even more than what I might feel in making the effort to come.  We talked a bit like old friends do and then I put all the people that are on my heart into His hands.  I shared the joys of my son’s upcoming marriage, how well my daughter is doing in school, how much my granddaughters are thriving and becoming more beautiful each day.  I thanked Him for giving me such amazing friends and such a wonderful family.

It was a generous exchange so that I almost forgot that I went there with concerns, some burdens that I was having trouble putting down.  I actually got ready to say good-bye, but He reminded me.  “Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?” he asked kindly.   Raising my head to look squarely into His incredibly loving face, I started to spill my worries like raindrops from the sky.  I asked for blessings for my friends who struggle with illness, for the work that I hope to do in a meaningful way, the work that only matters if it is blessed and loving.  I asked for guidance in the ways that I think and the actions that I take, for wisdom in the face of tough decisions and for good health to be able to carry on with laughter and generosity.  I asked for help when I’m foolish and ignorant about the steps to take.  It was a flood of conversation and though it didn’t take long to accomplish it, it left me feeling whole and happy again.

His presence was all I really needed.  The gifts He has already given me will help me find the answers again.  I know I’m not walking alone in any of the things I do.  I know that He sees me and that nothing can separate me from His love.  I left the room with my spirit renewed, my heart full.  Sometimes, the waiting is well worth it.

  1. Brenda Smith says:

    Waiting is always the hardest part of our lessons. When we take the test or exam after studying and cramming so long and hard, we then have to wait for the final grade. We are nervous wondering if we gave it our all. Then we get the news we passed the course!!

    Knowing we are not the only one in class, yet it feels that way when we are waiting. We saw how others performed and we wonder if we will succeed. Whew! what a great feeling it is to pass any test in life. We line up and take the next number and then we are again waiting back in line.

    Brenda Smith

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