The world is flat…sometimes.  Sometimes your energy is low, your dreams all but vanished and your surroundings are just too familiar.  You can predict the day, no bumps or bruises, just another day.  It’s okay and it doesn’t much matter where it’s all going because you won’t fall off exactly…the world is flat.  Or is it?

God could easily have created you to be one dimensional.  He could have programmed you to deliver exactly what He wanted from you, giving you little or no room to quibble or achieve.  He could have left you totally on your own to suffer your own devices and wonder how you got in the middle of nowhere so fast, but He didn’t.  He created you in living color and 3D with a sound system, creating music in your soul.  He created you with spice!

We understand the blessing of salt, the way it flavors everything and makes it tastier.  In Matthew we’re reminded of what happens when salt loses its flavor.  It’s really not good for anything and has to be thrown out.  Fortunately, you may be feeling a bit flat, but you’re far from out of salt.  You’ve still got a lot of seasoning in you and you just need to lavish it on yourself and others in a way that brings out your best and theirs.

Let’s look at some ways to restore your balance, spice up your life and keep it spinning in all its intended glory.  Step one may simply be to acknowledge that you’ve misplaced the salt shaker and need to search for it again.  You need to remind yourself of the things you know, the joy you feel when things are more delicious and healthy.  You need to pour out a generous helping of that knowledge and bathe in it for a bit to revive your soul.  There’s nothing quite as nice as a good dip in a salty sea, so go for it.

Once you’ve acknowledged it, step two is simply to begin to reconnect with those who love it when you’re back spinning joy and bringing the gifts of your heart and soul into their lives again.  You can see more clearly now, taking in the landscape around you, breathing in the goodness that God intended just for you because you’re there and you’re precious to Him.  You can shake off the doldrums by splashing some new color into your thinking, trying something totally different, going somewhere special, or simply stopping everything and reconnecting with the God of your heart in a new way.  You can prayerfully seek His illumination and love, asking for even more salt to come into your life.

You’ve got it now and you have had it all along.  There’s a glow that has already started to light itself around you as you contemplate spicing things up a bit.  Perceptions have already moved, changing into opportunities for more than you thought possible.  You’re challenged, renewed, refueled, ready to take on the world.

Yes…the world is still round and you’re an incredible force for good.  Better than Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, you have salt, sprinkled throughout your system, making you stronger and able to fly.  You’ve got wings given to you by your Creator to lift you up whenever the world feels flat.

Ah…some tears of joy…a little salty…all good!

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