Most of us struggle with issues of trust.  Do we trust that we won’t get laid off from the job we love? Do we trust that the car won’t breakdown or that we’ll stay healthy?  We’re continually having to check the trust levels in others and even in God.  Trust begs us not to doubt. Trust offers us peace of mind and heart and yet, it’s still difficult for us to run toward it, to try harder to trust more.  In fact, one more headline in the daily paper and we’re back to wondering if we can actually trust anything.

When I muse about these things, I have to say that the world feels pretty wacky to me.  Jobs come and go, cars breakdown, friends walk away and so we’re left to wonder where to put words like trust so that they can have real meaning in our lives.  For me, I have to admit my own basic trust question.  How much do I trust God?  Am I going to surrender my life in such a way that I give Him all the controls, let Him determine my paths and believe that He’s really there every step of the way?  Can I believe that God is really that personally involved with my life?  As I was writing a new book recently, I felt impressed to offer an experiment and thought I’d share it with you today.  It’s simple, but it’s a reminder of how we might recognize our willingness to trust God for everything, no matter what doubts spring up in the world.  Here’s the idea:

For the next ten days, try an experiment.  Go outside and find a little pebble and bring it in the house.  This pebble represents your trust in God.  When you feel your trust in God growing, go outside and find a bigger stone, and keep doing this until you realize you couldn’t even carry the Rock that represents your trust in God.  When you have a large enough rock, write the words of your favorite Scripture about trust on its side and read it every day.  Your trust in all things will grow.

                                                Excerpt from:  Your Promises from God Today


If nothing else, I think a little pebble in your pocket is a good thing, a concrete example that you have one Rock in this world and He is always with you, no matter what!


Rock on!