Most of us love coupons!  We like knowing what an edge we have on our shopping experience each time we redeem a 20% off coupon.  It makes us feel pretty pleased with our shopping prowess and it keeps us going back to the store.  Retailers appreciate that!

Sometimes I like to imagine what it would be like if God used some of our strategies.  For example, what if He thought, “I’ll give Karen a 20% off coupon to increase her desire to be with me for all eternity. Maybe that would get her attention!”   Personally, I’m glad God didn’t take that kind of chance on me.  Instead, He went right ahead and gave me the 100% off coupon simply for showing up, trusting Him,  and thanking Him for what He did for me.   I just had to accept the coupon and recognize what it means to redeem it.

Redeeming a coupon is kind of fun, but redeeming your life is essential.  R.C.Sproul once wrote, “God just doesn’t throw a life preserver to a drowning person.  He goes to the bottom of the sea, and pulls a corpse from the bottom of the sea, takes him up on the bank, breathes into him the breath of life and makes him alive. That’s what the Bible says happens in your salvation.”

Whew! I may not always recognize how far God went to redeem me, but Sproul gets my attention with his thought.  I don’t think I want a ticket home that makes so many stops I never can get there.  I don’t want a coupon that is only good for thirty days and expires just before I’m ready to use it.  I want a lifetime ticket; an eternity ticket.  That’s worth more than every coupon clipping that could ever be.

The good news too is that I don’t have to stand in line behind someone who clipped all the meaningless coupons and wait for them to redeem what they’ve got.  My ticket is like a free pass that just gets me into the gates of Heaven and I don’t have to wait for all the other people ahead of me.  There’s no one ahead of me.  God redeemed me and that is everything. He redeemed you in exactly the same way and has a ticket for you.  He wants you to redeem it today!

So, I still think it’s good to get a deal with your newspaper coupons or online vouchers.  I think it’s good to be wise in the choices you make.  But most of all, I think it’s awesome to get your free ticket to Heaven, already purchased for you, and all you have to do is say, “Yes, I’d like a ticket, please!”

When you do, you’re in for the ride of your life!

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