Whether you recall the lyric to this song circa Bobbie Vinton or Perry Como or someone else, it’s a great reminder of how special it is to be loved…to be known…to be visible to someone else.  For any of us, friendship and love are aspects of relationship that only come along now and then, only happen when we choose to really get to know someone.  Almost always we discover that the more we know someone, the more we spend time with them, the more we love them.  I can’t help wondering if that’s true of our relationship with God as well.

Jeremiah 1: 4-5 says, “The Lord gave me a message.  He said, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.  Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my spokesman to the world.”  As you recall, David says something similar in Psalm 139 when he speaks of God knowing him before he was yet knit in his mother’s womb.

To know you is to love you.  The fact remains that from God’s view of things, He has known you from the very beginning, whatever that beginning is, since He knew you before you were even born.  He knew you and loved you and called you into being for a very special reason and part of that reason was simply so you would learn to love Him, and love others and know what it means to be loved yourself.

Awesome stuff!  Loved before you were born!  Now imagine if we played that card with the people in our lives, that we loved them first, even before we got to know them as a friend or a business associate.  What if we loved them simply because they were known and loved by God already?  What if we loved each other into being more of what God had in mind so that any of us could be spokepeople for that kind of love?

The song goes on to say, “Just to see you smile, makes my life worthwhile…”  Imagine today how much your smile means to those around you and then realize what it means to the One who knew you before your birth, the One who always loves you, unconditionally, for all time.  Your smile makes a difference.  Your love makes a difference.

Choose love today…it serves everyone better! You were born to make a difference!

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