Dr. Seuss shared an interesting perspective with us in the wonderful tale of Horton Hears a Who.  A whole community of Who’s are living in a teeny tiny world and they somehow find a way to communicate with Horton, the elephant.

Ever feel like you’re trapped in Whoville?  Do you call out to those around you, set your whistles and buglers,  tweeters and whipplesneezers on loud and yet no one knows you’re there?  As a pretty incredible Who, it’s time for you to be heard, to make yourself known.

Let’s consider ways to get you into the pages of Who’s Who in Whoville, or at least in your own Homeville with your family, your work mates, or even your friends. Sometimes we don’t even recognize that we’ve disappeared, that we’ve made ourselves invisible to the people around us.  They see us, but they don’t hear us.  They know we’re there, but they assume they know so much about us, there’s no need for further discussion or connection.  Sometimes you just want to say, “I’m here! I’m here! I’m here!”  and hope that someone sees you and acknowledges you.

The challenge then is to figure out how to get noticed.  Maybe you have to turn up the volume, or maybe it’s a matter of simply changing things enough for others to take note.

Be unpredictable!  That’s right.  Do something different.  Step out of the routine and add more color.  Wear a feather boa or change your hairstyle.  Dress up for no reason at all.  Take a class on something you’ve never known much about so that you can  bring new information to the table.  However you do it, just remember that part of the responsibility when you feel slightly invisible rests with you.  You have as much to do to change that dynamic as anyone.  You can make yourself visible again.

Often times we can even feel invisible to God.  We can start believing that no matter how loudly we call out, He can’t hear us.  We may as well be tiny little critters in Whoville because God doesn’t know we’re there.  The big difference though is that God actually knows all about us and is absolutely aware of us.  He may be silent sometimes, not wishing to impose on our lives uninvited or not wishing to take away from our opportunity to learn more about ourselves.  Yes, He’s there and He hears.  The truth is you don’t have to yell to get His attention either, but you might have to change.  You might have to look at your approach and see if there’s anything you could do differently.

If all your requests seem to hammer on the same note, maybe instead of asking again, you simply spend that time saying thanks for all you’ve got.  That may sound something like this.  “God, now that I think about it, I can hardly take in the realization of all You’ve given me.  I have friends and talents and family and a place to sleep.  I have the ability to think and plan and dream. I get to make mistakes and try again.  I get to be wrong and ask forgiveness.  I get to laugh when things bring me joy and cry when they hurt.  Oh my…I can’t even begin to list all that I have.”

This approach makes me wonder, Who’s not hearing Whom?  Does God really not hear me?  Or am I not really hearing God?

Strike up the band.  Get your twizzlers and tweezers and bolobogus squeezers and flugal your horn in great praise.  You’re coming in loud and clear because God sees you and as far as He’s concerned you’ve never been trapped in Whoville.  Yes…you’re looking good today!

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