My sister has an adorable little dog named Omar.  He loves her.  He hugs her neck like a baby, comes to her when he needs more food or a little walk outside, and lets her know when he’s totally content.  Pets are like that.  They seem to have an unconditional trust for the owners who love them.  Sometimes I wonder why we’re not a little more like that with the One who cares for us.  What does it take for us to surrender and give unconditional trust to God?  Wouldn’t it be something to trust our Maker the same way a pet trusts his owner?

Having just come back from Costa Rica after nearly a year, I’m back at the beginning, back in search mode for the right kind of work and the best place to live and whatever else might make life work well for me in 2010.  It can be scary to look at a blank slate and try to imagine how it will play out, but it can also be the most direct route to learning to trust the One who created you.  We can get comfortable with life, even assuming that we’ve earned a certain level of easy next steps.  We can even feel entitled to what is ahead.  Perhaps that does work for some, but I’ve noticed that I need to be a little more like Omar.   I need to go up to my Master and let Him know that I’m happy just to rest at His feet or to let Him carry me around for awhile.  In fact, if I really trust Him, I don’t have to know any more than that He will take care of me simply because I’m His and He loves me.

That’s how I want to be in these situations and on some days I get pretty close.  I can simply be grateful that I have enough to eat and that I’m not sitting out in the cold somewhere, because He’s watching out for me.  Other days, I’m like a puppy chasing my own tail and wondering why I’m not getting anywhere.  I think I know what I should do, but nothing is bringing the result I want, or at least my efforts aren’t doing that.  So it’s then that I have to remind myself that the One who feeds the cardinals on a snowy winter day, can also feed me.  The One who tends the seedlings to make sure they can rise again to full bloom in the springtime knows exactly what I still need to grow and be productive and bountiful.  The One who puts a sweet puppy like Omar in the arms of a caring and loving family knows what we need and He doesn’t disappoint us.

Today, I’m willing to trust the God of my heart, trust in His love for me beyond anything else.  I know that He wants me to be warm and happy because He knows that He also has work for me to do that no one else can do.  No matter where I live or how far I roam, He’s got a plan for me and I trust that plan.  In fact, you’re part of that plan because He put us all together as a family.  He’s ready for us to come sit on His lap and simply rest until He gives us the next steps to take.  It doesn’t really get better than that.   Yes, it’s a good day to simply find a spot on the rug by the fireplace!

  1. Kathleen Campbell says:

    You really hit this one out of the park, Karen. You are so good at communicating these really core Spiritual truths and I am so thankful that you and I are on the journey together!!
    Love and Hugs,

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