I’ve been asked what I hope for in creating my blog posts each day so I thought I’d shed some light on my sense of mission here.

Regardless of where any of us may be in life or what we do for a living, we have certain things in common.  We want to believe in all that’s good, have faith in tomorrow and know that what we do makes a difference.  We want to feel more of our connection than our separateness, more of our humanity, and in some way, even remember our innocence.  We also want to understand how to love each other unconditionally…to be embraced just the way we are, with no hidden agendas, with no need to fix anything…just loved.

Well, in my own way, I want to highlight the good, renew our hope, and strengthen our bonds.   If I can put a hug in an email or shine a light so someone can see a bit better, then that’s a worthy cause to me.  That would be my mission.  In fact, it’s my intention any time I write because we live in a world that has plenty of the dark side.  We fumble a lot out there, sometimes even losing our way, because there’s too much that happens in the dark and it’s harder all the time to bring the good and wonderful things to light.

I genuinely  believe if I have a matchstick or a candle or a flashlight, and it helps to light up your thoughts or triggers a more positive glow in you so that others see you in a warmer way, than that’s what I feel called to do.

Of course, you are already beaming your light in the world.  You bring joy to those around you.  You lift the spirits of those who are in need.  You solve problems that give others hope.  You point the way and guide the heart and pray heartily.  You’re an inspiration.  You’re my inspiration.  But if, by chance, you’re having a gray day, then here’s a candle.

When Jesus commented about us “being the light of the world,” I took that seriously.  Of course in His metaphor, I’m only the moon, reflecting the light from the Son, but I love being in that position.  I love knowing that there’s always a light to follow…always a star over Bethlehem.

To all of you then, I say, “Let there be light.  Let there be light in our hearts and our minds and our spirits because we each have gifts to share that will illuminate the path and get us all home safely.”

Shine on!

  1. Lynne Drysdale Patterson says:


    These are wonderful so far! Perhaps a book in the future??

    Do you have another picture of yourself?? You’re much prettier and self confident now.

    I’m off to a Nashville Republican Women luncheon.

    Lighting my way~ Lynne

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