If you’re somewhat of a veteran of planet Earth, you may well remember where you were on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed The Eagle on the moon.  They were two men fulfilling a mission, claiming a moment in history that can never be duplicated, the first Americans to stand on lunar soil.

As I watched Buzz Aldrin take steps on Dancing with the Stars, I couldn’t help thinking about what this man accomplished back then and what he even dared to accomplish on the show.  Sure, he’s not the dancing machine many of the celebrities turned out to be, but then he didn’t have to be. He just had to be brave enough to show up.  After all, he had already danced among the literal stars in space and that moment couldn’t be rivaled.  That was his moment.

So when will we walk on the moon…you and me?  When will we step out in total faith to do something that feels like a mission, driven to claim something that no one else has done before.  When will we raise the flag that says, “I was here!”

For me, the mission is everywhere.  The opportunity to stake a claim is a daily function.  In fact, spiritually we’re reminded all the time to claim, to believe, to step out in faith and the things that we dream and hope and take on as our mission will indeed come to fruition.

Most of the time, I think my claim to what God has for me, comes more in line with Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.  I find myself living the illusion that I’m being pulled backwards even when I’m trying to move forward.  I’m constantly taking one step back with every two that go ahead.  Somehow that walk just leaves me standing in place with no opportunity to plant my flag and claim a mission has been accomplished.

So, today, I want to walk on the moon.  I want to take a giant leap forward for mankind, for humankind, for Karenkind, and stake a claim.  I want to accomplish the mission and look back one day and be able to say that on May 26, 2010 I made my mark on the planet.  I walked the walk in a way that made a difference.  The last I checked with Mission Control, the work was still out there to be done.

Remember, if you aim for the moon, you will at least land among the stars.  My hat goes off to Buzz Aldrin for reminding us that anything is possible.  Oh, and according to what I understand about Mission Control, the same claim is made.  From that command module they say, “With God all things are possible.”

Okay…see you on the moon!

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