A couple weeks ago in a visit to the eye doctor, I discovered that my right eye was not functioning well.  I had lost a lot of clarity in just one year.  It was a surprise to see how quickly that change had happened. Yesterday, I took my new perscription and one more time, I set out to get new glasses.  Putting them on for the first time, I was amazed at how much better I could see.  The blurriness that I had attributed to fatigue or too much time at my computer, was gone.  Suddenly, things were clear and totally back in focus!  Whew!

The timing of this event is not lost on me.  I’ve always believed that God watches over me, that He sees me, and looks for opportunities to help me become more of what He would have me be.  I’m sure I’ve disappointed Him over and over again. Yet, this morning, He provided me with yet another opportunity for clarity, a chance to get His message into focus.  As I did my morning prayers, I had asked Him if I was on the right track, if He would just confirm my direction by putting a bird in the mangrove that we can see from our back deck.  Birds come and go, but I was feeling very specific about this request. As I walked by the deck initially, I didn’t see anything.  Then I had the feeling that I needed to look more carefully through my new lenses, that is my heart lenses. I suddenly saw it.  There was the most amazing Hawk sitting on a branch and looking dirctly at me that I could imagine.  I laughed.  I said, “Okay, I get it.  You’re not just watching over me.  You watch me like a Hawk!”

Believe me, this Hawk will come to mind every day now,  perhaps for the rest of my life.  I know that I was missing some things God wanted me to see and that needing new glasses was more than a physical impairment, but a spiritual one.  I was spending too many hours concerned over future events. I had puzzled over them for nearly a year, getting totally out of focus, thinking that the answer was somehow all up to me to solve.  I am embarrassed to admit that to you because I know that God sees me, but for some reason, I was stuck and out of focus.  I wasn’t clear about whether God was still watching over me.  I was trying too hard to make life work all on my own.

I’m so glad God gave me clarity this morningimage016.  I can see much better now.  I thought I’d share this to remind you that if you think even for a moment, you’re doing what you do, or you’re experienecing your own form of blurred vision all by yourself, that it’s time to look again.  God is not just watching over you, He is watching over you like a Hawk!

Keep your eyes on Him and you’ll be amazed!