Recently, I was sticking my toes into the pool of possibility and I found myself wondering aloud why I didn’t just jump in.  After all, other people were already in the pool, swimming freely, taking advantage of the opportunity that swirled around their feet, getting encouragement from others that sat at poolside waving them on.  It’s not unusual for me that when I’m musing about things like that, I find Jesus sitting next to me as well.  Like good friends, we chatted a bit, waved at people, tossing out encouraging phrases, and hearty “good for you” comments.  My toes still dangling over the side of the pool though, prompted a question from my long-time companion.

“Are you ready to walk on the water?” he asked rather matter-of-factly.  I saw that He was dead serious about the question so I thought I better give it a considered answer.  At first I said, “Oh yes…I was born ready.”  Of course, He could only smile at that knowing how many times I haven’t taken that opportunity and here I was simply putting my toes in the water even yet.  Then I brought up the idea that His disciple, Peter, had attempted to walk on the water, believing that he could, and well, we all know what happened there.  Jesus responded, “So what did you learn from Peter’s experience?”  I said I learned that Peter started sinking as soon as he took his eyes off Jesus.  “So are you ready to walk on the water?” He asked me again.

Thinking about the question, I thought about all the things that weigh me down…all those doubts and worries, those fears and frustrations, those incredible things that make it hard for me to even move forward some days, much less defy gravity.  Was I ready to walk on the water?  Was I light enough in any sense of the word to do that?  I was tempted to ask if he’d fit me with those water wings that little kids wear to keep them from sinking in the water at the pool.

Finally, I agreed that I was ready, that I wanted nothing better than to get into the pool of possibility in a big way and to believe all things were possible with God, even walking on the water, and well, here I was with God so I was ready.  He got up and started dancing on top of the waters, throwing beach balls to people in the pool and laughing with joy.  “Come on, Karen,” He called to me, “Let’s dance!”

Here it was, the moment of truth.  Was I really ready to believe that all things were possible with God?  Was I really ready to walk on the water?  I stood up and stepped out and kept my eyes totally focused on Him.

It was time to dance.

I don’t know about you, but I often struggle with believing, really believing with no doubt, that all things are possible with God.  I sit on the sidelines and hope and pray and make a little step forward, only to be caught in the mystery of still going nowhere.  I believe we really are called to “walk on the water” and to stay focused so that what we do might shine a light for someone somewhere else.  We can sit comfortably with our toes dipped in the water or we can jump in, add to the possibility that is all around us.  That’s our calling and the choice we make every day.

See you in the pool!

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