Don’t you love the idea of a New Year, of new direction?  It comes with promise, attitude adjustment, hopeful considerations that you may have unconsciously put aside as the old year was slipping away.  Faced with the thought of what could be done differently, most of us can benefit by having a new thought or two.

Even if you’re genuinely attached to your way of doing things, let’s imagine some ways of looking at what a new you might look like in 2010.  You can take a panoramic view and look at everything from your hair style to your job to the things that bring you a laugh or two, to the kind of car you drive.  You can also take the focused view of simply making a resolution to be smarter, thinner, more spiritual, richer, or even kinder as the year ends.  It’s not what you decide to focus on that matters really.  It’s that you choose to see a new opportunity, that you are willing to see yourself as still open to discovery and adventure, and that you understand that God is not yet finished with His molding and shaping of your life.  The beginning of a year takes us back to being the clay, perhaps more open to new impressions or even operating with unique kinds of functions.

As I think about my personal clay, I like to think there are aspects of me that are worth carrying over into the new year, things that have been successfully manipulated into my being that should remain.  I also like to think that even those aspects of me that are not totally developed, still shine with potential as new light gets shed on them, timing being a significant part of all development.  The parts of me that remain to be designed, those that require partnership, or friends who help with the sculpting, are exciting to consider.  They are gleefully filling up with the hope and potential that is mine alone for the coming year.  They make January feel fresh and new in a good way.

This year, let’s all enjoy the things that have worked to make us unique in the presence of others and in the sight of God, and then be pliable, soft in a way that allows for reshaping and redesigning.  It’s a good way to start something new, open and willing to see where the path leads.

Whether you do this from the beaches of Costa Rica as some of my friends will be doing  this year, or from the ice and snow of Ohio as I’m doing this week, the same warm light of God’s love awaits you to help with the process.  You are not alone in this challenge of shaping and becoming.  You’re knit to those who love you, who want only good things for you, and who see you becoming amazing in beautiful new ways.

Happy New Year to you…to us…it’s going to be exciting!

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