If I look at all I am today,

And wonder what I’ve missed,

It doesn’t take me very long

To create a Master list.

I compare my list to others

And to good friends that I know,

And I’m pretty sure it’s telling me,

I’ve got a ways to go.

So I jot a note to myself

And look at where I’ve been,

Reminding me to move along–

Start on the path again.

But every time I wonder

If it’s all about the list

Then what happens to my brilliant thoughts

That faded in the mist?

Where are all the prayers I said,

The hopes and dreams I’m after,

Where are all the moments

That fill life with tears and laughter?

I grow listless with the thinking

And apathetic with it all

And find myself desiring

Some other kind of call.

At last, out in the distance

I can hear another voice

Reminding me that lists are good

But there’s another choice.

I can simply choose the music

That surrounds my heart and spirit

The thing that keeps me moving

Every time I choose to hear it.

Yes, I can make a list or two

As long as I recall

That what’s essential to my life

May not be on the list at all.

Tear up your list today and listen to the music!

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