Recently, I’ve been reviewing some Old Testament stories as I work through the writing for a new children’s Bible.  It’s been a fun exercise because I’m rediscovering some of the little stories I’d forgotten or perhaps never really read that show how much God is involved with the details of our lives.  When I forget this, when I start to think even for a moment that I’m out here walking all alone and have been forgotten, I’m happy to recall a story like this ones from 2nd Kings chapter six.

The prophet Elisha was traveling with a group of believers to the Jordan where they intended to erect a building to house all of them.  As they were clearing trees on the site they had selected, an axhead flew off and landed in the waters of the Jordan.  The one who had been using the ax, cried out to Elisha and told him that the ax had been borrowed and now it was at the bottom of the river.  He was clearly upset about his predicament.

It may have seemed like a small thing, perhaps even unimportant, and yet to the guy who borrowed the ax, no doubt, with the promise to return it in good stead, the moment was difficult.  What’s more, it looked impossible to retrieve a heavy metal axhead from the bottom of the Jordan.  The point is, that it looked difficult and it was until the man cried out to Elisha, the man of God.  He knew by faith that this man could make a difference.  He looked beyond the situation and his own dispair and watched for what God would do.

Wow!  That’s a lesson for me and maybe even for you.  Sometimes the obstacles look so crazy, so tricky to navigate, we’re at the point of imagining there’s no real solution.  Sometimes we forget to cry out soon enough, and yet when we do, really believing that our cries are heard, it makes a difference.  God is then able to act on our behalf as he did in this incident with the prophet Elisha.  Here’s the rest of the story.

Elisha, asked the man where the axhead went into the waters.  Then he cut a stick and threw it into the place and made the iron axhead float.  “Lift it out,” he told the man.  Then the man reached out his hand and took it.  All was well.

When we take our eyes off the obstacle, and put our faith and trust in the Man of God, or in our case, the Son of God, we have more options, in fact we have a universe of options at our disposal.  For me today, I’m remembering that God can make iron float and He can make the waters of worry and doubt part, leaving me to walk again on solid dry ground.  He can do anything if I just call out to Him, believing He has my best, my good, my needs in His hand.

It’s not always the big things that capture God’s attention or yours, but all things work together for good for those who love God and that means the little things that set your heart and mind spinning.  Today, let’s  remember where to pitch our worries and imagine them floating away like iron axheads with no weight at all.  Is anything too heavy for God?

It’s a great day to trust and believe!

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