God has always been a big picture thinker.  He never does things in a small way.  He makes good things out of nothing.  He makes good-for-nothings into good things.  He’s pretty amazing that way.  When you look at his track record for picking people, you might think He must not have had enough Facebook friends or perhaps His social network just wasn’t up to par.  After all, He seemed to take the ones least likely to succeed.

Look at David.  The Bible describes David as a man after God’s own heart. When we first meet David, he is just a shepherd boy, out in the fields, his father’s eighth son, kind of the runt of the litter.  What does God see?  He sees a shepherd who is fearless, who has so much love for his Maker that he would literally go out and slay a giant.  God sees a warrior.  Turns out, God was right about his choice.  David was just a stone’s throw from greatness right then and there.

Now look at Mary.  Mary was just a young girl, a mere teenager, going about her life, engaged to a man named Joseph, doing what she could to please her family and friends.  But what did God see?  He saw a woman with a pure heart, with the kind of heart that would believe and receive the most ingenious plan ever conceived.  He saw Mary as the mother of His plan for salvation.  God saw greatness in Mary.

Now let’s turn to Jesus.  What did he see when he chose some fisherman, a tax collector, and a motley crew to follow him and learn from him.  He hand-picked his students and he didn’t start in the synagogue or the universities to find the brightest and the best students.  He didn’t stop to see who scored the highest on the SATs or who might be able to go on to graduate school.  He chose people for the same reason his Father chose people, because he saw their hearts and because he knew what they could become.

So what about you and me?  What does God see when He looks at us?  In my case, I don’t think He simply saw a small town girl from upstate New York.  I don’t think He saw credentials.  I believe He saw only one thing…possibility and that possibility had one big advantage for with God all things are possible.  When God sees me and when God sees you, He does not see limitation.  He does not see excuses or failings.  He sees the end result, the beautiful success we’re meant to be. He sees it because He created everything we need to get there.  He gave David five smooth stones and a talent to use them.  He gave Mary a loving heart and a family to support her.  He gave a group of fisherman the ability to change lives.  God sees you at your best and every day, He longs to help you achieve the goal.

It may be time to step past what you see, move aside from limitation and walk ahead, embracing the Designer and the design of your life.  You have a bigger story.  You are a reflection of your Father.  He sees you right where you are.