They say timing is everything.  Whether we impose a time line on our own lives or just ride along on the one that comes our way, we’re all either in sync or out of sync with something we can’t quite define.  One of my favorite movies is “When Harry Met Sally” and beyond the funny and charming  love story it presents, it’s a lot about timing.  In fact, as a “Sally” of sorts still waiting to meet the “Harry” of my dreams, I have begun to see that timing is one of the biggest players in an ever-unfolding love story.

In my new life here in Florida, possibility erupts in swirling scenes of change as people come into my life.   It feels like a revolving door.  So far I’ve met “Harry” about five times only to discover he was leaving the area the next day.  Though a friendship may have ignited, the fuse is quickly fizzled by timing.  I’ve also noted that for some people the time pressure causes a desire to quicken the agenda so much that the discussion moves  from coffee to the wedding chapel faster than you can sing “Surrey with the fringe on the top.”  It’s a bit daunting.

This week, my son announced to me that he and his girl friend of several years have decided to marry in October.  I am so very excited about this and pleased for them to be taking this incredible step to honor their experience of life together.  It seems like perfect timing and one day they might make a little video clip of how they met and how they fell in love like the couples in the movie.

I always tell my married friends to be grateful they don’t have to hang out in the dating pool and hope to find a partner.  Either you find the ones who want to dive in and make a splash before you’ve even had a chance to get your feet wet or the ones who always seem to be in the wading area, or maybe it’s the waiting area, and never actually get in the water.  All in all, it’s about timing.

I may have a personal sense of urgency to find the right “Harry” for me, but I’m still of a mind to move slowly whenever any such opportunity arrives.  “Hurry” may be trying to catch me, but “Slowly” still makes the most sense.  Good timing after all is God’s timing and deep down in my heart of hearts, even in this arena, I think He holds the trump card.  He already knows the moment I’m waiting for.  At some anniversary down the road, I want to be smiling and telling the story of how we met just in time. I don’t want that sense of urgency to become slow regret over something so important.

So to my son and his “Sally”, I just say, it is indeed perfect timing.   To those of you who still hope and wait for the day to arrive, put away your stop watches and be at peace because the right time will come. Love is all around you…no hurry, no worry…in perfect timing.

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