Sometimes opportunity knocks and we answer.  We open the door and embrace it, even when it changes everything for us, even if it means moving in a whole new direction.  Opportunity is fairly polite though and it doesn’t usually go on and on about its charms or sneak up behind you and shout, “Surprise!”  It simply appears, graciously awaits the changes necessary to complete its work and puts its many soldiers in the field to slay the enemies of doubt and fear.  Opportunity is one of the good guys.

When it comes then, what keeps us from jumping into its arms and letting it carry us away?  What even keeps us from risking the moment, giving up the chance that spreads itself before us like a blanket of stars in the sky?  Why do we sometimes ignore its presence and shy away from embracing the truth, the gift of opportunity?

Perhaps we imagine that opportunity will come again when we’re more prepared for its demands.  Maybe we’ll just be content with things as they are and not shake up the waters of apathy and resignation.  Maybe we think opportunity itself is simply too difficult to understand.  Einstein said that opportunity rested in the midst of difficulty.  Therefore, if you’re struggling now, if you’re wondering what your next steps should be or what direction to set your sails, then expect opportunity to show up, to wave at you, to stop and take your hand.

Life is always a dance.  We can keep our feet moving and go with the music, we can hum our own tune, we can turn off the sound, but whatever we do, the dance goes on.  The beat continues because the God of the Universe has it planned that way.  He hears a rhythm that sets our toes a tapping even when we’re not aware of it.  He hums the melody when we can’t carry a tune.  He wants us to rock on!  He wants us to notice that it is through His design that we are blessed with new choices, new chances, new risks and opportunities.  He does all that so that we get better at believing in ourselves the way He already believes in us.  He wants us to understand that the risks of life have huge dividends when we’re willing to keep our eyes on Him and get out of the boat.

Opportunity is knocking on your day even now.  It may be polite and quiet or loud and rowdy.  It wants you to wake up and understand the abundance that this very moment brings.  John Greenleaf Whittier probably said it best for all of us when he penned these words:  Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest of these, “It might have been!”

What’s your opportunity today?  Is it time to embrace life, to fall in love again with every bit of potential that you’ve been hiding for years?  Is it time to see that the winds of change are blowing in your direction?  All you need to do is set your sail and say your prayers.  Opportunity awaits!

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