Most of us want to do the right thing.  We want to practice the Golden Rule and treat others in the same way we hope to be treated.  We want to give people a chance to make better choices or simply stand beside them when they suffer from poor choices.  We really want to be right about the things we do.  Ah, there’s the problem though!  Do we always know what the right thing is?  Can it ever be possible that doing the “right” thing or doing the “wrong” thing is truly a matter of the circumstances involved?  It seems to this writer, that the world has never been black and white, perhaps why God so graciously color-coded everything to give us a sense of the options.  After all, even for the colors of the rainbow, vary in hue and intensity.  Check your Crayola crayon box and see how many shades of blue there are.

So why is it that we often set ourselves up as “knowing” what is right or what is wrong for those around us, when much of the time, we aren’t even sure about those choices for ourselves.  What’s right for you, in fact, could be entirely wrong for me.  What’s wrong for me, makes your world a whole lot better.  It’s an age old problem for sure.  The Pharisees in the Bible often felt pretty sure they knew what was right and yet Paul still had to help all of them figure out that they could make new choices if they invited God into the mix.

So my thought today is this. Before we come to the conclusion that we’re right, let’s say about the choices someone else makes to marry or not marry, to have children or not have children, to fold up their tent and move on or stay put for years, maybe we should do one thing first.  Maybe we should seek God’s direction for the situation.  Maybe we should admit that we don’t know what is right or wrong for that person or that family and simply decide that what we do know for sure is God is in their midst, especially if we’re praying that He will be.

Sometimes my heart breaks for people who believe so much they are right, that they put wedges between themselves and the people they love.  They miss the chance to simply love them, to simply honor their choices and walk with them in peace.  I often think how awed I am that God is willing to do that for me because whether I’m right or wrong, He sticks closer to me than a brother and loves me into a place where I can try again.  Let’s do that for each other.

If God is willing to search my heart to seek my true motivation, maybe I can do that for others too.  Then I won’t be as interested in what is right or wrong.  I’ll simply want what is best for them and what will draw them closer to the God who loves them more than I will ever understand.

So this is my thought for today, right or wrong!