Love has gone missing. Some say “good riddance” because any excuse to cast love into the darkness and act in ways that further struggle and violence and hatred works for them. Some say love disappoints them and never lives up to their expectations, so they are better off without it anyway. Others search the Internet for the voices of those who seek their own definition of justice and imagine their day has come. Finally, they can squelch this thing called love and move on in desperate misery. Just lock up love and throw away the key.

When love grows cold and lifeless because it has been bullied and beaten and provoked by those who simply cannot understand it, everyone suffers. Everyone struggles. Everyone has heart trouble. It’s a malady that perpetuates itself and leaves the wounded in its wake. Love may well be suffering, but it is not dead.

How do we know love lives on? We know because each person with a broken heart still clings to it. Each human being with any definition of God, still hopes for it. Anyone who longs for the good to prevail, keeps its flame burning. Love isn’t looking for pretenders, or those who insist on their own way. It’s looking for openness, generosity, and the face of forgiveness.

It’s time to bring love home again and each one of us must open the door for it to enter in. It’s time to love your neighbor as yourself. May God bless you and keep you today.