In light of the horrors we experience all too often these days with those who push Hate on all of us, I wanted to write something to remind me that Hate does not have all the answers, nor does it hold the power of the Universe.  Whatever sway it has is only temporary and so I add my prayers to those of  you who seek God and find hope in knowing the One who holds the future.  I share this poem with you out of love.


Armed with Love

©2016 KarenMoore


It used to be that Hate was wise

And walked the earth in thin disguise,

It made a fuss and caused a scene

And bullied people to be mean

And thought that it was right.


Then Hate grew proud and somewhat loud

And thought it drew a bigger crowd

If it just ambushed anyone

With no remorse for what was done,

And so Hate grew in might.


Love stood by and watched with awe

As Hate broke every heart and law

And wondered how to end the rage

That Hate brought to the human page

And Love bowed down in prayer.


Oh, God of all the Universe,

We sadly see things getting worse,

And wonder how to shine a light

Toward kindness, love and all that’s right.

Please keep us in your care.


Please hear us Lord, in this dark hour,

And take away Hate’s nasty power,

And let Love pour its remedy

On those too blind to really see

That you alone prevail.


Protect your children everywhere

And give them love beyond compare

To stand together arm in arm

Against the ways that Hate does harm

And cause Hate now to fail.


Stamp out the fear in every Soul

And show us, Lord, You’re in control

And keep us faithful in Your eyes

Standing firm against Hate’s lies,

And help us to be truly wise

Armed only with Your LOVE!