Dear Friends,

Some of you have questioned my whereabouts over the past several months as I stepped away from my blog writing to do other things.  I haven’t been aimlessly wandering as you might imagine, but I have been learning and growing and dreaming new dreams. I am happy to share that I got married four months ago today, so my search for the right partner has ended and years of heartfelt prayer have finally been answered. It’s amazing to really get something you’ve wanted for years, prayed about endlessly and wondered if God would ever hear the requests of your heart.  If you’re going through that, or you’ve been there too, you know what it feels like when that kind of prayer is answered at last.  The fact is that God was with me every time I asked that question, “Where Are You?”  It appears that He not only heard what I asked for in a partner, but went the extra mile so that blessings never even imagined could be part of my new married life.  It’s a delightful thing and whenever I run into doubts about whether God hears me or knows I exist, now days I only have to seek my husband’s smile to know the answer.

This year, I’m ready to consider “Where Have You Been” as a gift. I realize that the past provides many divine gifts…reasons to rejoice, to start over, or to forgive; reasons to rethink, or rediscover, or rebuild.   I’m anxious, like a child on Christmas morning, to see just which gifts to open first as God unveils His plans for my life from here. Sometimes I ask questions, perhaps like you do…asking “Is my work worthwhile?”  “Am I still on the right track?”  “Does anyone even care about what I do?”  Even though I love my work and the humbling opportunity I have to share my thoughts in devotional books and treasured gift books, I’ve still found myself questioning my direction.  Part of the answer to that particular question came my way recently when a teenage girl who had read one of my teen devotionals sent me a very enthusiastic note.  She expressed to me how much True Images for Teen Girls meant to her, how she’d been able to overcome anorexia and how she felt better about herself and about life.  She even wants to share the book with her friends.  For me, that’s pretty high praise and so my heart is delighted because someone was helped by work I had been blessed to do. Her note revived my spirit and reminded me that whether I know it or not, my work has a place.

From here then, I plan to be found at my desk writing a new book, or in my blog sharing a bit of life with you, or speaking to women’s groups or those around me who might want to share a little inspiration with me.  I want to be found doing as many good things as possible to help turn up the light in the world so that God won’t come back to me at some point and say, “Where have you been?”  I hope you’ll be walking along with me because I feel pretty sure that we need each other to accomplish all of our goals.  So come back and see me sometimes and let’s talk about where we’ve been and then move forward together to where we want to go.  It’s great to be back!