Now go! I will help you speak, and I will teach you what to say.”

 But Moses said, “Please, Lord, send someone else.”

            Exodus 4:11-13, NCV



From the day his mother made a basket that set her infant son adrift on the Nile River, Moses was in God’s hand. Baby Moses was rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter and was raised as royalty.  You could say he had quite a Divine start. With that kind of back story, you might expect Moses to have a lot of confidence that God could do anything.


Even though Moses had direct conversations and demonstrations of God’s great power and abilities, he still had doubts about himself. He wasn’t sure if he could do the big job God wanted him to do. God said, “I will teach you what to say,” but Moses still replied, “Send someone else.”


Wow! Who does that? Perhaps we all do that all the time. Perhaps doubt gets in the way of things we are meant to accomplish, minimizing our possibilities.


Moses was getting up in years about the time this scripture conversation took place. He had spoken to God face to face. He had experienced the impossible phenomenon of the “burning bush.” He still doubted whether he could actually do what God wanted him to do. He thought it would be better if God simply sent someone else. Have you ever thought that?


Turning to your own story, it might be helpful to look at what causes you to doubt God’s plans and direction for your life. If you’re standing back out of fear, God may well be whispering, “Why Not You? I will teach you what to say?”


If you want to embrace life in all its bigness and scariness and hopefulness, you’ve got to shove through your own fears and doubts. You’ve got to stop saying, “Send someone else,” and trust that God is more than happy to send you. He signed on with you when you were born, and He’s been watching over you ever since. He knows the things you have to learn, but the fact is, He will teach you. He will teach you anything you need to know.


Today, let God know you’re ready to serve Him in big ways, even bigger ways than you may yet dream. Believe that with God by your side, you can accomplish great, even impossible, things.


You can wait. You can give Him your excuses, but why would you? After all, with God, all things are possible.



Lord, I’m not always sure what it is that You would have me do, but I am ready to serve You in new ways and in big ways.  Speak to my heart and remind me of all You want me to be, then I will say, “Send me, Lord, send me!”  Amen