Whoever said “wonders never cease” may have been in awe of a particular event, something monumental, like seeing an awesome view from a mountaintop or holding a newborn.  That person may indeed have been taking in a wonder of the world.  More than likely though, it may have been a tongue in cheek comment where the person was amazed at something on the opposite end of the scale, someone’s willingness to be greedy and cause others harm, or some craziness like a 9-11.  Wonders never cease!

For you and me, it’s important to pay attention to the wonders.  It’s important to note the people who are doing everything under their power to do good, to bring light, and to create the balance in a world that feels almost out of control.  Sometimes it’s even necessary to point out the wonders so that others remember what they take for granted and keep seeing the miracles God provides moment by moment.  We aren’t serving a wimpy God who looks the other way when the going gets tough.  The fact is, the One we serve is indestructible.  The doubters, the nay-sayers, the arrogant only cause Him to try harder to wash His light over their negative views.  No matter how often we shake our puny fists, He’s strong.  He’s there and He knows that we need Him more than we need anything else this planet has to offer.

Some days are hard.  Some days are full of coping with one thing or another.  Some days feel like there’s nothing left, nothing to wonder about, nothing wonderful.  Fortunately, that feeling gives way to truth and the truth sets you free to see that there is much to be in awe about, much to help you shake off the lethargy.  As Oprah said in her farewell show after 25 years, “you have it.”  You have the light of God within you to do your calling.  You have everything you need to stand up and be counted and to not only see that wonders never cease, but to become part of the force that brings wonder and delight to others.  You have something special that others need and it’s important that you don’t hoard it away, store it in a box, or simply give up on it because it seems like too much effort.  Consider yourself on a team.  You and God are a force to be reckoned with.  You’re a team that cannot be defeated, but you can’t walk off the field.  You have to stay and keep in the game.  In fact, God’s wearing your jersey.  He’s got your number.  So play!

Today, make it your business to stop and be awed at something around you.  Really see the landscape.  Really consider the miracle that comes in the form of your children.  Really understand the complexity of human nature and the simplicity of God’s love.  Be in awe because “wonders never cease.”