Worry and Faith

Worry and Faith
Were inseparable twins,
One counted her blessings,
One counted her sins.

At the break of each morning,
Each would jump up and say
“Get ready to follow me
All through the day!”

Then Worry ran first
To get out the door
As Faith slowly followed
Her sister once more.

Each was born with a purpose
And each wanted to win,
One was born to disruption,
One was just born again.

As Faith reached the doorknob
That Worry had turned,
She thought for a moment
About things she had learned.

She knew she could follow
In the path Worry made
Or she might find her own way
If she just stopped and prayed.

So right then and there,
She bowed her sweet head
And addressing her Lord,
Here’s what Faith said.

“Lord I know that You’re near me
In whatever I do,
And I have nothing to fear
When I listen to You.

So help me to follow You
All through the day
And send Worry off
To her own place to play.

Help me remember
In my heart and my soul,
That You’re always with me
And that You’re in control.”

Then Faith ran through the door
Without Worry or care,
For she knew she was covered
Through the power of prayer.

My Friends…send Worry off by herself today and let Faith guide you in all you do.
Warmest blessings and Love, Karen

  1. karenmoore74 says:

    Hi Jackie, I think I need to frame this little poem and read it every day. Thanks for your love and support. Our path is sure! Blessings today. Karen

  2. Kate Thomas says:

    This is a special blessing to me. I lost my precious Wally seven months ago today. I choose to let faith guide me.

    Blessings and love,

  3. Sharon Mirabito says:

    I love this verse. We all need to do more of this. Our sister, Worry, hardly ever is beneficial. Of course it is normal, we all do it and will continue to but it takes so much more energy and depletes our strengths. Faith also takes much strength too though and can sometimes wear us down. Still, is just better to be on the positive side of thinking – not the negative.

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