One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is the opportunity to reflect on the story of Christmas, the story of Jesus’ birth.  As much as I may get caught up in the celebration, the decorating, cookie-baking, card-writing, joy-in-the-air feeling of Christmas, I’m also caught in the story of Wise Men and Shepherds.  My sister, Donna, and I were talking about this recently and she shared the idea that we are all part of that nativity, we are still part of what brings it to life each year and each time we reflect on the story.

How?  Perhaps you become part of the story when you seek Him, each time you seek the same Star that guided those ancient astrologers from Jesus’ day.  When something stirs in your heart and causes you to want more of Him, to want to draw closer to Him, to find Him in a new way in your life, then you too become one of the wise.  You too become a person on the way to the stable.  You follow the Light.  Perhaps in those days when you feel quietly alone, like a shepherd in a desolate field, uncertain that anyone realizes you’re there, perhaps then a flutter of an angel’s wing will call you.  The starry night will beckon you to look up and know that you’re not alone, that a Spirit of Joy persists in this world regardless of how dark it can seem.  Those angels that truly watch out for you all the days of your life, will call you again and cause you to sing and smile and know that the Lord of your heart is real and that you can find Him any time you choose.  “Come to the stable,” they beckon.  “Come and share in the beautiful and perfect grace of God.”

As you begin to feel alive again in that incredible way that excites your spirit and moves you to trust and believe and become even more generous, then you like the Kings of old, offer your gifts to God.  You share your heart and your kindness with total strangers, and you offer Him gifts in doing so.  You open your pantry and give to food banks and you drop coins in the bucket of every grocery store where the Salvation Army resides.  Each time you do those simple things, like the little drummer boy, you present your gifts to the baby King.

It’s a beautiful time of year and Mary and Joseph continue to remind us that the baby born in Bethlehem was born for all of us, not as a matter of religion, but as a fact of the love of God.  As you come to the stable this year, you are all at once wiser, more generous, and more willing to share your heart.  You are a living nativity and every day you breathe in His Spirit, you continue to share the story.

May God bless you richly at this wonderful time of year.  Merry Christmas!