One of the primary January resolutions each year is to do something to improve our health, to exercise more, or lose weight.  The health clubs and work out rooms around the country are loaded with people who sincerely want to create a new image.  Around March, many of those people are gone, having given in to the demands of each day and the sense that they just don’t have time for such things.  We applaud those who keep at it though, the ones who really do sculpt a new body or begin and sustain a more healthy lifestyle.  After all, in a matter of weeks, they look fabulous!

As someone who routinely falls into the above camp, desperately trying to leave the Christmas cookies behind and move into a protein shake by winter, I recognize the great desire to create a healthier lifestyle and to take on a dose of chocolate as a rare but delightful treat instead of an everyday occurrence.  That being said, I wonder if we might also want to take into account the other aspects of our image, the one where we may more closely reflect our Father.  How can we look more like the One who made us? How can we shed the weight of our past blunders and move on to giving our best to life?    How can we have a healthy heart and spirit?

There’s a part of you that is simply Divine, absolutely brilliant!  It’s the part of you that never ages, never has too much sugar, never gets out of shape, and never needs new shoes.  It’s that beautiful essence of love that God put inside you, the light that lets others know you’re there.  It’s the image that is sustainable whether you’re fourteen or forty.  You’re the spitting image of your Father every time you stop looking at yourself in the mirror and see what He sees.  He sees the most beautiful heart that ever was.  It causes Him to embrace you and want to keep your picture in the family scrapbook.  He sees you as fabulous all the time.

I’m not suggesting you don’t try to keep your body as healthy and strong as possible, or that you shouldn’t decorate yourself however you see fit.  I’m just proposing that as you look in the mirror today, reflect for a moment on what else you are.  You’re a child of God, a person of interest to the Creator of the Universe and from his view, You look fabulous!  In fact, He looks at your picture with love many times a day. So take a moment to appreciate the beautiful you that was created in His image.

Now, I need to get out for my walk…oh, those Christmas cookies!