I’ve been following Sherrie Shepherd on Twitter.  I do that because she’s a pretty incredible woman who managed to rise above a lot of hurdles in her life, then found herself on The View, and most recently in her own show, simply called Sherrie.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Sherrie on two different occasions when she spoke at Women of Faith conferences.  Over lunch in the “green room” I had a chance to learn more about her.  She’s authentic and funny, doing her best to stay on the right track in a world that doesn’t make it easy to do so.  I can’t say I envy her Hollywood life, but it made me think a bit about what would happen if I got my own show…you know, simply called Karen.

My daughter once commented to me that I should write a sitcom about my life since it’s had more twists and turns than a roller coaster.  The attempts at dating alone would offer moments to howl over as I meet one more Match.com contender over coffee.  Now those experiences don’t remind me as much of The Dating Game as they do, Truth or Consequences, but that’s a whole other story.

So, what would a Karen show be all about?  Imagine!  I get to write the story, be the star, create it just about any way I want…why the possibilities are endless.  I could be a writer, or a teacher, or a mom.  I could write in a part for my fabulous friends and my favorite cat, Shadow.  This is starting to shape up.  I might put her in Colorado or the midwest, or maybe in an exotic garden in Costa Rica.

Wait a second.  This is all starting to sound very familiar.  I feel like I’ve seen this show.  I think someone gave me this opportunity the day I set foot on this planet.  I was set up with all kinds of possibility, with endless choices, with hopes and dreams.  Someone said that I could write the story any way that I want and that I could call out for help any time I needed it.  Yes, I remember all that now.  I AM the star of my own show, and so are you!

We each have a starring role in our own lives.  We have been cast in a role that we can play with as much energy and emotion and positive spirit as any actor ever has.  We can even change the script when we don’t like what’s going on.  We only have to consult the main Author of our lives and seek a little more direction.  Once we have that, we’re invited to step back into the limelight, bowing here and there, autographing those moments that mean the most to us…a college degree, a marriage certificate, a card to someone near and dear to our hearts.

If you take your role seriously, you’ll always be seeking ways to improve your part.  You’ll want to play it with authenticity, love, drama, and skill.  You won’t want anything less than your absolute best because the audience you have today may not be part of the crowd tomorrow.  This day is your chance to shine, to do an Emmy-winning performance.  Can’t you hear the thunderous applause for your work?  Can’t you see people wanting to know more of how you managed to get through that crisis, or how you found the love of your life, or what you did to become the phenomenal person you are.

Your Creator loves it when you act like a star.  He loves to see you take the role and play it for all its worth.  He is already one of your biggest fans.  In fact, He has the outline of your TV show  in His hand.  The Psalmist reminds us, “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”  In other words, from the first act to the final curtain, He’s there ready to reward your stunning performance.

It’s a new day.  The tri-outs are over.  You won the part of a lifetime!  Play it well!

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