Remember when you couldn’t wait for Spring Break?  Perhaps your parents had made plans to take you to Disney World when you were a kid, or your friends were heading to Florida beaches when you were in college.  Regardless of the plan or the destination, there’s something powerful about looking forward to taking a break.  Most of us work too hard, too much, and to the place of sheer exhaustion.  Even if we love our work, we can find it overwhelming and never ending and before we know it, something we do with a spirit of resignation, or as that thing we do that feels like we have  no choice in the matter.  If any of that sounds like you, here’s a thought for you today…take a break!

Oh sure, you’re first thought is something like, “Are you kidding?  Have you seen my calendar?  I can hardly manage to complete all my tasks now.  How can I take a break?”  Let’s consider some ways to take a break, even momentary breaks that you may not yet have thought about.  After all, taking a break is far better than breaking down…right?

Consider these:

  • Take an unplanned afternoon off.  Work like crazy all morning and then step out into the world, leave the work behind and go.
  • Take a long lunch with a friend.  Don’t talk about work.  Just laugh and relax.
  • Take a half hour break with God.  Sit with your greatest friend in the universe and talk about everything.  It’ll put more spring in your step right away.
  • Do something totally different from what you do each day.  Volunteer somewhere.  Step out of your world and rejuvenate the spirits of others.
  • Take fifteen minute just for you breaks.  Rest, be intentional in your efforts to quiet your mind and think great thoughts.  Reread Philippians 4:8.
  • Call a friend, laugh, make a plan for later in the week and give yourself something to look forward to.
  • Clean…yes, spring cleaning is an adage, but it’s also a good way to get rid of the clutter in your life.  You know the areas that  might need cleaning out.  If you need to sweep out some of the clutter in your mind, that’s a good idea too.
  • Plant something.  Gather some little pots and plant some herbs or go through magazines and start making plans for your garden.  When the earth comes back to life and starts growing again, it gives you reason to grow too.

Take a long walk at lunch time.  Make an entry in your journal. Take a nap.  Give yourself the gift of time.

Give yourself a break.  It will be a blessing to you and everyone around you.  After all, it’s good to lighten the load and you were only meant to carry that load for one day at a time.

God knows how hard you work, but even He rested from His labors.  Now, come on down to Florida.  I’ll keep the coffee pot on for you.