Do you remember your last Super Bowl moment?  It’s the one that you worked hard to achieve, perfecting your style, practicing until you could hardly stand it and focusing on its possibility like you had never done before.  Maybe your moment was graduation from college or mastering a dance step, or winning an election.  Maybe it was the big speech you delivered at work, or the sermon you took hours to write.  You can be sure as the two teams playing this year’s Super Bowl practiced and studied plays and exercised and dreamed of the moment, they were prepared to put everything they had on the line.  They were committed to the opportunity to go out there and win, knowing only one team could actually carry off the prize, but that both teams could carry off the honor of playing.  What draws millions of fans to make the Super Bowl such an event, planning parties around it, watching the advertisements and the fanfare of the half-time show?

Of course sports fans of all types have answers for this one and it’s an awesome thing to see people support their favorite teams, but just for a minute, let’s think about the way you too can have a Super Bowl moment.  How can you focus on your objective, your goal, your desire in such a way that you know all you have to do is get out there on the field.  You don’t even have to win in the end, but you have to get there, you have to make the effort in a big way. Your life has meaning and purpose.  You are important to many people and you make a difference.  Someone somewhere is paying attention to what you do, seeking your example, your hope, your possibility because it might mean they too could have a similar hope for their own life.  You’re somebody’s champion!

Today, I invite you to create your own Super Bowl moment.  Seek to discover what it is that will give you that sense of achievement, so great that you need Divine intervention to actually make it come together.  You need to focus and practice and seek advice from experts.  You need to trust and try and start again.  You need to know that you can get where you want to go.  Today, make a commitment to yourself.  Promise yourself that you won’t quit before you get to the finish line. Even if you fumble the ball at a critical moment, you won’t make excuses for why you can’t accomplish the very thing God designed you to do in this life.  Your super Coach has been directing the plays, offering you the Book to seek His direction and believing in you like nobody ever has.  Go out there and make Him proud!  Give Him and everyone else around you your best stuff today!

The goal is in sight.  Are you ready to make a little history of your own? You really are a super star!