They’re everywhere…the ads and labels that say, just scratch off this circle and “you may be our next big winner!”  Or maybe the enticement comes under the cap of the next screw off coke bottle, or the Publisher’s Clearing House or even the fundraiser at church.  Everywhere someone is appealing to you to risk a little to see if you can win a lot.  Most of us love the momentary excitement of the possibility, that split second idea that we could win.  We might actually buy the one scratch off ticket that will hit the headlines tomorrow as we  prepare for all the ways we’ll spend that incredible sum of money.

We all want to win, no matter if we actually already have enough money or if we don’t.  We may not even be driven so much by the money as the absolute joy of having that one big story to tell for the rest of our lives about how we won.  We can’t wait to be the envy of the block, because everyone loves a winner.

Now there’s the good news!  You are already loved because you are a winner!  You won the lottery of life the moment you took a breath and you won the lottery of heaven, the moment you recognized that your Creator gave you a winning ticket, a way into the high rollers arena.  You can get past the gatekeepers and breeze your way right on into the throne room.  You’re a VIP and you’re so big that no one is even impressed with how much money you have. In fact, they don’t even care what you did for a living.  They care more about what you did for the living!  What got you into the throne room was knowing your winning status and sharing your abundance of joy and laughter, your heart of gold, and your amazing ability to make another person feel the presence of God.

How will you play your cards then?  How will you share your vast good fortune?  It may be that you won’t make much of an impression by one more generous donation to your favorite cause, or if you become the president of your own little empire.  It may be that you will only have to do one thing, share the secret of what it means to be an “instant winner!”   Oh, my, but there’s a thunderous applause coming your way.  Yes, go ahead and scratch off one more number…you’ve already won!