Here’s a piece from my recent book, It’s Still Possible.


Think about a big balloon. It’s designed to fly. It has incredible possibilities to float high and travel far. It’s colorful and brilliant and capable. It’s perfectly made, well-rounded, and easy on the eye. It only needs one thing. It can’t fulfill its calling without air. It needs to be pumped up, filled to the brim with possibility so it can ride the wind.

You are somewhat like that. You are also skillfully and lovingly created. You were designed for a purpose, a calling that would keep you floating for a lifetime. The problem is that you may still be waiting to discover the wind beneath your wings, or for the time to be right, or the opportunity to present itself. It may be time to see what you’re missing, what it would take to pump you up. It’s likely you need air!

The Spirit of God is the breath of life, the Source of your possibility. It is the inspiration for your soul, the fulfillment of your desires. God knows what you need, how to help you live and move and breathe in His amazing spirit and when you do, you’ll suddenly feel lighter than air, brighter than you have for a long time. You’ll be ready for the fresh breezes that are blowing your way and sending you into infinite possibilities. God wants you to soar. 

Perhaps then, you need to align yourself more closely with God’s design, His intention for your life. When you do, His peace will fill your soul and set your mind at ease. You’ll feel energized and lighthearted, stronger and more carefree. In fact, the more you embrace God’s plans for your life, the better, the brighter, the warmer, and more dynamic you’ll feel. You’ll put bounce back in your step and joy will color your cheeks. 

If you’re feeling a bit lifeless, barely able to navigate the ground under your feet, then it’s time for a new direction. Go to God in prayer and ask Him to pump you up, fill you with His Spirit, so you can rise up and be counted, ready to be all you were meant to be. You may not even recognize yourself, but that smile on your face will help everyone else see that something has changed. Something is different. Oh, yes, that’s it! You’ve been filled to the brim with love and the air of possibility. Keep soaring!

Blessings to you today.