Write Greeting Cards Like a Pro Online Course

As a former in-house writer and editor at American Greetings, Gibson Greetings, DaySpring and freelancing for other companies, I’ve had the opportunity to review thousands of cards, write and publish over 15,000 cards and create copy for multiple ancillary products sold in card and gift stores. I can teach you the basics so you can freelance in those arenas as well.

The Key Lessons

  • Getting to know the industry (writing for a variety of markets, getting to know your strengths and writing style)
  • Inspirational writing (writing for Christian and religious markets and using literary quotes and Scriptures well)
  • Humor writing (writing all kinds of humor from short one-liners to long rhyme to fun prose.)
  • Writing for Kids (writing for licensed properties, kids of all ages, long rhyme and short rhyme, rebus and other styles)
  • Perfecting writing styles (looking at your strengths, we’ll help develop your styles)
  • Seasonal Writing (focus on writing for Christmas boxed cards and counter card lines, and a few Valentines and Mother’s Day)

The Course:

  1. You’ll email me expressing interest in the course and we’ll set up a 20-minute phone call.
  2. If you decide to go ahead with the course, you’ll pay one half up front and I’ll send you the first lesson upon receipt of payment.
  3. After you’ve completed the first lesson, at your own pace and in your own timeframe, you’ll email me to say that you are ready to have me review your work.
  4. We’ll set up a phone call and we’ll both have a copy of your work to discuss.
  5. When the review is complete, you’ll decide if you want more time to do further work on Lesson 1 or if you’re ready for Lesson 2. We’ll proceed in that manner until you’ve completed the course. At the completion of Lesson 3, you’ll send the balance of the course fees.
  6. Once you’ve completed the course, we’ll pick your top ten pieces to submit to greeting card publishers. I will give you some leads.

Note: In addition to the fees, you’re required to get a copy of Write Greeting Cards Like a Pro before the first lesson.


The course fee is $200 per lesson. Since there are six independent lessons, the total fee is $1200.00. You will receive a discount if you pay half up front, for a total of $999.00

This course will help you no matter what kind of writing you want to do.
You’ll see why as we develop your skills.

Joy to you,

Karen Moore