Write Greeting Cards Like a Pro Online Course

Welcome!Have fun learning the art of greeting card writing.  With some basic instruction and practice, you will have the opportunity to freelance for the greeting card industry. As a longtime veteran of greeting card writing and editing, I can give you a solid start on becoming an industry freelancer in just six weeks. Join me here and give yourself a new option for using your writing talents. I can only take a few students at a time since I personally review every lesson and provide feedback. Let me know when you're ready to give it a try. Happy Writing!Karen Moore

Three Key Lessons

Lesson One: Creating New Card Ideas–We’ll explore current trends and write some new cards to meet a market need.

Lesson Two: Writing with Greeting Card Themes–We’ll write cards built around greeting card themes.

Lesson Three: Understanding Recipients and Buyers–We’ll consider different recipients, family, friends, etc. and look at ways to fill market needs.

The Process

  1. We’ll start each lesson with a short video to give you an overview of what we want to accomplish.
  2. You’ll take one week to write the lesson assignment that I will send you via email.
  3. When you complete the lesson, you will send it to me for evaluation and I will redline it and offer comments.
  4. You will revise the lesson and let me know when you’re ready to discuss it in a 30-minute one on one phone session.
  5. Once completed, I will then send the next lesson.
  6. You will finish the course in 6 weeks.


  1. Paid in full before lesson one begins: $499.00.
  2. Paid half on start and half at the start of Lesson 3: $599.00.
  3. Invite a friend and you both take the course and pay in full, 10% discount. pay: $449.00.

Note: In addition to the fees, you’re required to get a copy of Write Greeting Cards Like a Pro before the first lesson. You can buy it online or from me.

Karen Moore