We like to have a choice about how we want to run our lives. We value our independent spirits.

and our God-given talents and abilities. As we grew past the idealistic teen and young adult years though, it didn’t take long to realize

that making choices could sometimes be puzzling. It was a good thing until we didn’t know exactly what choice to make.


Options or Opportunities

Choices: You could go to college or not. You could take a job in your hometown, or move to the bright lights of a

big city. You could stay in your marriage or choose to walk away. You could enlist in the army or become a nurse.

Whatever you were going to do you had to choose.


Making one choice though, often meant you gave up something else you may have enjoyed just as much.

You let go of one belief, gave up one dream, or one potential opportunity, all in the name of choice.  

The kicker was that whether the choice worked out or not, you were responsible for it.

Ouch! There’s the part that makes it all difficult…that being responsible thing. When our choices go badly we’d prefer to blame someone else.

That early 70s comedian, Flip Wilson gave us all an out with his slogan,

The Devil made me do it.” Though Wilson could make us laugh with that remark, his slogan wasn’t that far from the truth. More often

than not, a poor choice likely had something to do with that wily Demon who hangs around and waits for us to make a mess out of our lives.


Remember This

The thing to remember is that the devil, your poor choices, your general life messes aren’t the end of the story. You have

made many good choices and probably a few bad ones. However, as a believer you’ve made one eternal choice.

You chose to accept God’s love and mercy, His forgiveness, and His plan of salvation.

Ding! Ding! Ding! You win! That choice carries the day.

That choice means you always have another chance to do things better next time. You won’t have to worry about blaming anyone for your circumstances.

or your naïve decisions. Why? Because God has you covered. He restores you and offers His forgiveness. You are already in a relationship with Him and that means He’s got your back.


So today, make good choices. Pray about them. Change your mind. Pray again. Seek God’s direction. You can be confident

about every choice you put before God’s throne.  Just remember, He chose you to be His child.