Here’s How a Writing/Author Coach Can Help You

A writing/author coach helps you:

  • Expand or develop your concept, idea, or content.
  • Understand the market and the intended audience and helps make your manuscripts more appealing to publishers.
  • Recognize your strengths as a writer.
  • Gives you honest, informed, and professional feedback.
  • Understand the competition for your idea.
  • Challenges you to create a better manuscript.
  • Be ready to work with an agent.
  • Recognize and define your writing skills and provides critiques, and reviews, and suggestions for your work on a one-to-one basis. 


Karen’s mini bio:  Karen Moore is the author of over 115 Christian and secular books for adults and children and is the author of Write Greeting Cards Like a Pro.  She has written and published over fifteen thousand greeting cards and teaches an online course on greeting card writing.  Karen has worked as a freelance writer and as an acquiring editor and publishing executive. Karen also works as an author/writing coach primarily in areas of nonfiction, devotional writing, gift book writing, children’s books, and greeting card writing.


My goal in coaching you is to help you complete your manuscript and prepare your book proposal, so you are ready for an agent.


The best way to benefit from coaching is to schedule a one-hour time slot, once a week, for a minimum of three months, for at least 12 sessions.  My fee for one session is $250 per hour. I will be happy to give you a 25% discount, If you pay for the 12 sessions in advance. 

Note: See my Greeting Card Online Course Offer if you’re interested in that kind of writing.

You can contact me by email at:


Make a commitment to your writing today! 

Thank you so much!