Back in 1964, The Seekers, a group from the UK sang a song called, Another You. The song shared a message of gratitude over realizing that in matters of love, “there’s no one quite like you.” Another You was a chart topper in its day and got up to number four on the US Billboard Top 100 Hits. It’s a great reminder we are unique in ways that go far beyond our family DNA.

I remind you of this because for some of us, it’s easier to imagine someone else being irreplaceable, someone else being an absolute original, one we’re grateful we have the privilege to know, than it is to view ourselves that way. It’s hard to imagine that God would say, “I know I’ll never find another you!”

I believe God does say that though. I believe He looks at you as one of His best works of art. He sees your amazing talents, the ones you use every day to make a difference in the lives of others. He sees your heart and what motivates you to do good things. He sees your desire to please Him.

When we shortchange the image of ourselves, discounting all we are and all we can be, it’s hard to believe that we deserve God’s love and faithfulness. We imagine that once we reach a certain age or stage, it’s over. We assume we’ve done all we can and that we have nothing unique or awesome left to share.

We believe that, but we probably couldn’t be more wrong.

God knows your innermost thoughts, your generous spirit, your hopes and dreams, and whether you are 7 or 70, He holds your dreams in His hand. He never gives up on you. He doesn’t count how many times you’ve fallen down; He just keeps looking for ways to help you rise again, so you see His hand at work in your life. You are uniquely and lovingly designed. You were created for a purpose that will remain until the day you walk through the pearly gates. The effort you make to shine your light, to tell your God stories, and to show your abundant love to others, is the secret sauce the world needs right now. It’s the unexpected delight that only you can deliver. You are in exactly the right place; the place God designed for you to be your best self.

No one brings your unique gifts to the world.  Remind yourself that what you do matters to everyone around you. Rick Warren wrote that God’s question to each of us one day will be, “What did you do with the life I gave you?” As a uniquely designed with a purpose, amazing human, it’s a good day to reflect on your response. You are one of God’s favorites and He will never find another you.

Be blessed my friends!