Soft Hearts, Please!

I read a thoughtful quote that said, “The biggest judgment of God on the world comes with the hardening of people’s hearts.”  As we look at local headlines and news reports, it appears that most of the world walks on stony ground, with stony hearts to match.

Some think soft-hearted people can’t survive in the world. Soft hearts are at risk and are vulnerable. As a kid, I learned you get more from others when you use sugar, instead of vinegar. Jesus advised us that it’s better to treat others the same way we want them to treat us. That means we treat each other with kindness and respect. Hard-hearted people spread fear and bitterness. We want more sugar.

Life is a heart thing.  Sure, we have to protect ourselves, but bitterness can’t be allowed to take root in the soul of our corporate humanity. Kindness means we are aware of others, willing to lend a hand, and are ready to help. God gave us the power that comes from a soft heart of kindness. We are shaped and molded by the Creator God Himself! Only He gives us a heart born of love! Why? Because love is God’s MO, His bottom line, the thing He’d like us to get even if we don’t get anything else while we’re on earth. Love turns the world right side up again.

More Sugar and Less Vinegar!

Let’s try harder then to be kinder to each other, and surrender our stony hearts to the One who loves and guides and protects us.  We don’t have to be theologians or politicians or scientists or rock stars to simply be a little kinder.  As Mother Teresa said, “we want to be the living expression of God’s kindness.” We want to set our humble hearts at His feet and be people who bless each other’s lives. God wants us to be a little kinder and carry His sweetness into the lives of others. He wants others to do that for you too.

Surrender your kind and generous heart to God, so He can give you a little more power, fueled by love.  He’ll throw in some grace and mercy and forgiveness too because those are the tools of His trade…and yours.  Let your soft heart lead you into a life of kindness. You can save the vinegar for your French fries!