It’s not always easy for a new writer or even a more experienced author to determine the best path to take with their work. As a consultant and mentor, I advise writers about everything from manuscript development to publishing options. In that regard, I’m pleased to offer the following services.

For Writers

Project and manuscript consulting—I’ll talk through your project with you, offering insight and ideas to consider and opportunities to expand on your core competency

Manuscript critique—I’ll read your manuscript and offer style and content critique, noting areas where you could strengthen your work before you try to present it to a publisher

Ghost writing—If you have a very strong idea, but are not really a writer yourself, I’ll write a book for you

Research–If you need content research and development, I’ll do some research to support your manuscript


For Authors

Book proposal development—I’ll help you create and develop a professional book proposal to submit with your manuscript

Publisher Options and Recommendations—I’ll help you research and write a proper cover letter to submit your work to a publisher

Agent—On occasion, I’ll submit a manuscript to a publisher on your behalf

Mentor—I’ll walk with you through the process of planning and developing your book from beginning to end

Evaluation and Critque—I’ll critique your book, offer suggestions to strengthen it, and recommend editors if you need more help

Book Design—I’ll recommend book designers and help you create a title and a concept for your book in terms of design and what sells

Back cover copy and marketing copy—I’ll help you create back cover copy and marketing copy for your website