Beautiful words fill my mind. I am speaking of royal things. My tongue is the pen of a skilled writer.  Psalm 45:1, NCV

It’s safe to say that writers have more than a simple appreciation for words. They know that when they gather their thoughts, digest them, organize them

and put them to paper, that something beautiful can indeed spill out. It may be in the way the words collect along the page, sometimes at the writer’s will,

sometimes with a will of their own. It’s a process that is difficult to describe because it’s personal. It’s a story that varies from one writer to another.


As a storyteller, you love to shine a light on a certain moment, or share a bit of wisdom that might be carried from reader to reader, and heart to heart.

You may not even know the potential of your piece, the impact that it could have on the lives of those who chance upon your work. The good thing is that you don’t have to know.

You only have to craft each idea, each thought with tenderness and intention. You have to make each reader believe you were writing simply for them, simply to show up

at the right moment in the story they are living each day.


As a devotional book writer, I can tell you I often have an idea, but I don’t always know how it will present itself when I first begin a project. It shows up and when it does,

I run with it. I know my job is to create ideas that resonate with readers so they can take every opportunity to think about those words again and again. My goal is to treat them

to enthusiastic encouragement, a sense of renewed hope, and an awareness that all they do matters to the One who designed them.


Each genre, each writing style, each story is different, requiring skills that writers work hard to achieve and readers appreciate. The writer sets the stage, the reader brings the curtain down

and signals the applause. It happens each time the reader writes a review, or purchases the book for a friend, or simply shares the wonderful experience they had while reading

beautiful words of a skilled writer.


Your beautiful words, uniquely created with a voice that no one else can match, will make a difference. It’s your day to create, to dedicate yourself to one thoughtful reader, two eyes and one heart at a time.