There are two things about our feast-filled holiday called Thanksgiving that always make my heart do a happy dance. One of them is the idea that people everywhere, regardless of life philosophy, religious affiliation, or even political persuasion can come together and agree on one thing. We all have a lot to be grateful for! The beauty of gathering with your loved ones, creating an amazing meal to share, and simply letting go of everything else is that you remember how incredibly blessed you are.

When we have a spirit of gratitude, we know that the abundance of life is made up of little things. It’s abundant joy as you  hold your grandchild, beaming a smile in your direction. It’s the incredible smells wafting from the kitchen as those who love to cook prepare their favorite casseroles, breads, and sweet delights. It’s memories of days gone by when your grandma was there or your aunt Sofie told funny stories that made you laugh.

Thanksgiving may have been taken over by football for some, but for you, it’s something more. For you, it’s family and the blessings you share. It’s friends who remind you there’s nothing more important than the special people with whom you share life’s ups and downs. It’s storytelling, and cooking, and eating, and licking your fingers. It’s being filled to the brim with a goodness you can hold on to as long as you choose.

God bless you and your family this Thanksgiving. May He remind you of every good thing He has done to get you where you are today. May He sustain your faith and give you generous portions of His love. Since He’s the God of second chances, He will be with you for that second piece of pumpkin pie.

Serve one another in love!