Remember the little fable about the blind men who come upon an elephant?  Some stories speak of three men trying to determine what an elephant is like.  Some speak of six describing an elephant from each point of view; perhaps an elephant is like a rope, or a basket, or a pipe, so the story goes.  As one author put it,

And so these men of Indostan

Disputed loud and long,

Each in his own opinion

Exceeding stiff and strong,

Though each was partly in the right

And all were in the wrong!
It didn’t matter who described the elephant, each was sure they were right because they could only “see” from their point of view.  Each needed the whole picture to actually know the truth, but since all of them were blind, none of them sought to find a guide who could actually see things clearly.  This whole story reminds me of the unfortunate state of our current election process.  In my naive and blind innocence, I once saw politicians as people who may not agree on everything, but who were willing to respect each other’s opinions. They might even admit they were blind in some ways, but give each other room to seek a greater truth.  That simple view of the political arena was certainly lost as we watched blind guides try to tell us what an elephant is.  Even the elephant had to laugh at hearing so many strange descriptions.
Max Lucado helped me a bit this morning though when he posted a comment that reminded me that it isn’t the blind guides who make a difference in the long run.  It’s the One who holds the truth and sees everything clearly. It’s the one who is the only voice of authority in any land around the world.  When we let God be our guide, we don’t have to confuse ourselves with those who only see the part of the picture that serves their own ends.  We don’t have to question what an elephant is or what it looks like.  We simply have to open our eyes and when we touch the hand of the One who created all of us, the scales fall away.  We get the picture and we can describe things as they really are.  If you’re feeling a bit uncertain about who will guide this country, then simply look upimage016.  Seek your Creator who will be in control and watch over all of us, regardless of what part of the elephant we choose to describe.  There is after all, only one authority over Heaven and Earth.
Let peace fill your heart and mind today. Let God hold you in the palm of His hand.