I always thought the “wonder years” were assigned to four year-olds who simply have to know “why” everything they see exists as it does. “Why does the frog jump, daddy?” “Why is your hair curly, mommy?”  Back then, everything seemed like it must have a practical explanation. As a parent, you probably tried to come up with one.

But then, as a teenager, the wonder years returned. You wondered why you had to take geometry and why the person you had a crush on didn’t pay any attention to you. You wondered about bigger things too, like what to do with your future and whether you’d have a car of your own some day. Questions were always more prevalent than answers.

Life moved on and for a time you may have stopped wondering about everyday things. After all, you had learned why frogs jump and you had a career and you married your college sweetheart and so other things occupied your mind. Daydreaming didn’t intrude on your day.

The wonder years are not necessarily behind you though. As you grow older, they may be the years where you ponder things you learned way back in Sunday School. You may wonder more about  who Jesus is or where you will spend eternity. You may wonder if there’s more you can learn about God.

The same God who watched over you as you learned to identify bugs and caterpillars, is the one who knew you’d use that geometry course some day. The God who created everything that exists already knows you intimately, He doesn’t want to leave you wondering about anything where He is concerned. He is right beside you, ready to inspire your heart and mind. You may even daydream a little.

Chances are good, the more you learn about what God has to say, the more you may wonder how you missed these things before.  You may even wonder why you didn’t start learning a whole lot sooner.

No matter, because the wonders of God’s love are ready to embrace you right now. There’s nothing more wonder-full than that.