Some years ago, I wrote a book for kids that I called, “Faith for Sale!” In my imaginary world, people could pass by a store front that offered “faith” in any quantity. If they were running low, they could pop in and get a cup of faith to go, just enough to recharge and help them get through the day. Most people came by with a box or a basket, one guy even had a ten-gallon hat, to put his faith supply in. The owner of the store was always happy to fill up their containers, but he wondered why they never seemed to want a bigger supply.

I didn’t actually publish that story, though I always loved the idea, because I feel like most of us are walking around with our faith meter on fumes. We may have a bit to keep us going, but it’s hard to get our tank filled up with any regularity. It seems to me that one thing that is not in short supply, at least from the One who gives it, is faith. In fact, we could come in with a moving van and He’d fill it for us. The question is, why are we satisfied with so little, when so much is available?  We run to God with our little cup and hope He’ll fill it, but He has an ocean of possibility and wonders why we don’t ask for more?

So, here’s my thought. The year is still new. We still have a chance to open the floodgates, to ask God to fill us up with more faith so that we can become more, do more, enjoy life more and give more to those around us. We just need to believe in a bigger God who wants more for us than we even dare to ask. We need an attitude adjustment about our faith. We need to know that God is still with us, still pulling for us, and is ready to pump up our faith any time we ask. 

What happens when we don’t? We feel defeated by the confused state of the world. We feel uncertain about who we are and what we can do to make things better. We feel overwhelmed and lonely. All the while, God is waiting for us to stop by and open up our heart-vessel so He can fill it. His supply never runs out. His door is always open. His signs are up everywhere to help us know we can have bigger faith tomorrow than we have today. He just wants us to stop by and ask Him. 

In my children’s book version, some people ignored the “Faith for sale” sign because they assumed they already had enough. Trouble is, God had so much more for them than they could imagine. I think I’ll stop by HIs place today. Want to come along?