Some of you may remember a book I wrote called, “What a Great Word.” I loved the opportunity to create this book because it gave me 366 ways to write one key word, one simple word we all know, and then spin it into a new thought, perhaps one we hadn’t considered before. It certainly happened that way for me in the writing, and I hope it has for some of you as you read the book. One of the words from the book was, “hands.” I based it on a scripture from Psalm 31:5, where it says, “Into your hands I commit my spirit; deliver me, Lord, my faithful God.”

Of course, you will recall that Jesus echoed these words of the Psalm, from the cross. His earthly life was finished, and as let go of His spirit, He committed it to God’s safekeeping. He put His spirit in God’s hands. What does it take for any of us to put something very important to us into the hands of someone else? For one thing, it takes trust. If you have a stockbroker or a financial planner, you’ve put some of your assets into that person’s hands. That means you believe they will not only take care of your assets, but they will make them grow, they will strengthen what you have to invest. You breathe a sigh of relief because you have put your security into someone else’s hands.

If you’ve ever had a surgery, you commit yourself to the surgeon. After all, you’re not going to know much about what happened until the whole thing is over, so you trust that surgeon’s abilities and have confidence that things will be better once you are healed. You may put your children in the hands of a qualified caregiver when you go to work. You believe that person will take good care of one of your most precious assets in the world.

So, going back to Jesus, it strikes me that if He drew His last breath, making a commitment of His spirit to God, we might want to give God’s hands further thought. We might want to look at what we would commit to Him. I might say something like, Into Your hands, I commit my life, or Into Your hands I commit my work, or my family, or my children, or my health. The point is that if something is truly important, truly valuable, then what would be your Fort Knox? Whose hands would you most want to trust?

Try God. Remember that He is the one who is willing to stoop down and lift you up, wrap you in His arms and make sure you are safely returned to HIm when this life is done. You can trust His beautiful hands to bless you and keep you forever more.