Did you ever have someone in your life who loved you so unconditionally, cared for you when you couldn’t or wouldn’t care for yourself, was loyal to a fault, and did everything they could think of to help you become the person you were designed to be? I’m talking about love, the kind of love that few of us truly get to experience. That person believed in you, trusted you to do better any time you screwed up, and never reminded you of the things that littered the path behind you. They simply loved you!

I hope you have a person like that in your life because it will help you understand more fully what it really means that God loves you. Many of us struggle with this idea because we know our own failures. We know the disappointing things we’ve done. We know we don’t always like what we see in ourselves.

So, what about this? What if you knew without any question that God loved you? What if you opened your heart to the possibility of this amazing love, pouring into your spirit, ready to fill you up and shine a light to guide your path? What if your heart got so big it could actually receive the idea that you are worthy, deserving, even meant to have this big love, great love, faithful love?

In my most recent book called It’s Still Possible, I pose this question to you and to myself. “How big does your heart have to be for you to receive the love God is willing to pour into it?” How much room can you make available to the One who redeemed your soul? God wants you to have a heart that’s tender, a heart that’s growing in wisdom and kindness, and a heart that sees His hand at work in your life.

Can you truly grasp the idea that you are loved beyond measure? God never gives up on you because He knows and loves you.

When someone loves you unconditionally, they love you always and forever. They never cease to care for you from your first breath to your last. If you haven’t felt this kind of love before, just know that with God, it’s still possible!