Have you ever had someone in your life who loved you unconditionally, cared for you when you couldn’t, or wouldn’t care for yourself, and was loyal to a fault? They did all they could to help you become the person you were designed to be. They had their own style, their own way of showing love, but you knew it was there. That person believed in you and trusted you to do better when you screwed up. They simply loved you!

Hopefully your answer to the above question is “Yes, and it was Mom.”  It’s a mom thing to believe in their children, trusting them to keep trying, knowing they can do anything.  Moms cheer for you when you need support, talk to you when you need someone to bounce ideas around, and hug you into being an amazing adult. Moms aren’t perfect, and your mom would be the first to say so, but your mom was probably perfect for you. Sure, she didn’t always make things better, and she didn’t always give you the right advice, but she loved you no matter what.  When you have even one person like that in your life, you see the world with a more optimistic view, knowing you can try new things and fail because you’re not in this world alone. 

Yes, moms come in all shapes and sizes, and some can whip up a gourmet meal with three ingredients, and others can only whip up a phone number to call for carry out. Some work full time and so they are weary at the end of the day and can barely stay focused on the drama circulating in the house. But tired, or busy doesn’t change the fact that moms always love you. Some moms wrap their arms around you and exude love. Some moms don’t, but they love you just as much.

Mom’s job is to pour love into you as best she can, so you develop a heart that loves others as well.

In my book called It’s Still Possible, I pose this question to you and to myself. “How big does your heart have to be for you to receive the love God is willing to pour into it?” How much room can you make available to the One who redeemed your soul? God wants you to have a heart that’s tender, a heart that’s growing in wisdom and kindness, and a heart that sees His hand at work in your life. You might call that a God thing. 

If you can grasp the idea you are loved beyond measure, that you are unique and special, and a gift to your family, then you are greatly blessed. It’s a mom thing to never give up on you. It’s a God thing to never give up on you as well.  As the saying goes, “God could not be everywhere, so He created mothers.”

This Mother’s Day give a little love to your mom, even if she’s in heaven, because she cared for you with everything she had to give.