Life is a series of changing seasons, offering times when we grow, bloom, or move on. Though it’s possible that this analogy has something to do with our age and stage, I suspect it also has to do with our attitude of gratitude. In some areas of our lives, we’re always in the beginning stages, walking in springtime as it were. We learned something or believed something, and we’ve never changed our minds about it. For whatever reason, we never went back to investigate it again.  For example, I learned as a child that I did not like to eat liver. Yup! Still not eating liver!  As far as I’m concerned, liver had a season, and it’s over.

In those young adult years, you grew so much you could scarcely recognize yourself. You adopted new attitudes and developed habits you may be trying to shake today. You loved new things, and you were willing to try on a lot of perspectives. It was a great time of changing seasons. Today, you may not be quite as interested in all things new. You might rather wish things would just slow down and be a little kinder. 

Why do you imagine then that God inspires changing seasons? Why not just stay the same course? After all, God doesn’t change, so if it’s good for Him, why isn’t it good for us? Ah…perhaps it’s because, well, He doesn’t have to learn things, doesn’t have to grow, develop new attitudes, trust, learn about faith, figure out how to love. He doesn’t need the life lessons we receive through every season of our lives. He already knows all that’s good and He made all that’s good for us too. With every season, we get to peel back the layers of discovery so that we not only learn the intricate patterns woven into each season, but we embrace them so we can share them with others. Our seasons help us become more of what God designed us to be. He doesn’t want us to be stuck in the past, or only have one opinion that we hold forever. He wants us to be like excited children heading out into the world to find the treasures He’s hidden there. He wants us to love the moments, open the gifts of each new day, and share the abundance of the harvest with everyone around us. Yes, He wants more for us than we want for ourselves. According to scripture, one person doesn’t bring about the harvest. One person plants the seed, one waters it, and God provides the increase. It’s a process that works because we are here to serve one another.  

Praying for you today that this is the most fulfilling season of your life!