Most of us are practically experts at list making. We love to check off each accomplishment with pride and move on to the next. It helps us stay organized, focused, and get on with our day. Recently, it occurred to me that I might also consider creating a “to-don’t” list, that is a list of things I won’t do because I know they won’t move my life forward, give me a more positive attitude, or be a blessing to anyone around me. Perhaps some of these things will resonate with you as well.

Today, I won’t…

…make a snap judgment about people I don’t understand or ones who bring up stereotypic responses simply because I live differently than they do.

…keep digging up the past, looking back at things that simply bring sadness to my heart and mind, or stay stuck in unwelcome memories.

…blame anyone else for my choices, my shortcomings, or the things I know I should do in a better way.

…assume I know what someone else is thinking or feeling and treat them according to my own supposition.

…turn my back on anyone who reaches out to me with a need that I can fulfill in some way.

…neglect my prayer time and the opportunity to discover more of what God wants for me.

…forget to be grateful for my children, my family, my dear friends, and all the blessings that make my life happier.

…eat chocolate, more than once, okay…maybe twice!

Of course, the list could go on, but you get the idea. Sometimes remembering those things we’re determined not to do, can bring as much satisfaction to our total well-being, as checking items off our to-do list. 

What won’t you do today?