People who know me well would be right to say that I am directionally challenged. My kids used to call me the “turn around queen” because I’d always have to change direction when we were trying to go somewhere. It was even worse when I thought I knew where I was going. My husband laughs because I will nearly always say to go left when we need to go right. I tell him to do the opposite of whatever I said, and things will probably work out well. I’m pretty sure God did not provide me with a gene for direction or at the very least, an interior GPS.

I’ve always envied the people who know every route on their path, never losing sight of where they are going. They go from point A to point B, never missing a beat. It’s awesome. Over the years though, I’ve taken this challenge to God, especially when I wanted His direction concerning what to do next or where to go from here. By now you’ve probably figured out that God is a master teacher and often seeks teachable moments to help us see something we’ve been praying about. One of those moments happened to me when I was considering a new job. It all occurred on a rainy, cloudy, seldom sunny highway.

I had spent the day interviewing for a job which meant that I would have to move to a new city. I was a single mother at the time, so my daughter would have to move too, which would make visits with her dad a little more difficult. As I drove along the highway, I began praying about the situation, seeking God’s direction as to what I should do. After I shared all the ins and outs of the new job in my conversation with God, I decided to ask for a sign of His will for me. I really wanted to know if this was a good decision or not. I asked God to show me a rainbow if I was to take the job. I would consider that His stamp of approval. It was a gray day and as I drove along, I didn’t spy a rainbow anywhere. I kept thinking about the job and the things about it that seemed so right for me at that point in time. 

I paused in my thinking and went back to my prayers. I told God it was okay if I didn’t see a rainbow because deep down, I already felt like I knew what to do. I believed already that it was His will for me to go ahead and make this move and take this job. I had been concentrating on the road ahead of me during the prayer, but once I was finished with it, I looked over to the passenger side of my car. I was dumbfounded! There was the biggest deep red foot of a rainbow covering that seat as I had ever seen in my life. I kept looking and realized the arc of the rainbow went from my car seat all the way across the sky. It was amazing!

As the tears started streaming down my face, I thanked God for affirming this new direction for me. I was so excited that He had given me such an amazing answer to my prayer. Whenever I feel directionally challenged in my life, I know there is only one thing to do. I have to stop everything and seek guidance. I have to go to God and ask Him to show me the way. I trust His GPS every time. 

May God guide all your steps today.